Afterschool's Tools

At Afterschool HQ we endeavor to not only make games, but also make and produce tooling to help other people make games! Below is a list of our primary tools that we’ve made and released and/or are still being worked on.


Dinghy is a 2D game framework meant for quickly creating games in C#.


Squiggle is a simple scripting language we built for Cantata to easily allow people to author “scripts” that could be played back at runtime to control dialog, sound effects, etc.:

If you know tools like Yarn or Ink, it’s a much more simple version of those tools meant to just do normal dialog playback without any branching paths. Every dialog line in Cantata uses Squiggle!


Depot is a tool we built to manage data in Cantata, and have open sourced it as a VS Code extension that you can use today!

I did a tutorial video a while ago showing how to use the tool:

And Microsoft actually interviewed me about the tool as well:



Dreamwalker is a tool to hook up to AI image models to allow you to more rapidly explore and riff around an image prompt. The idea is that you’re exploring/carving out the latent space around an idea instead of focusing on the prompt itself.

See the announcement post here for more info.