Making a new mod? Use this as your template!

This is a template post for you to easily copy and paste to start a thread about your own mod. Use the [WIP] tag in your post title to indicate that something is actively being worked on (“Work in Progress”) or use the [REL] tag to indicate the mod is done (“Released”)

My Mod Name

Designed by X.
Sprites by Y.
Map Scripting by Z.


Add in some text here about what you’re trying to do with your mod.

Provide some context if it’s a custom story, talk about if you are testing out a specific system or art thing, etc.!


You can attach a link to download your mod to this post. If you are updating your mod, it’s nice to leave some notes here so people know what has changed.

Version 1

  • Inital Release!
  • Added cool stuff!

Version 2

  • Even more cool stuff!