About the Feature Voting category

Vote on upcoming Cantata features!

We’re in a post-1.0 world with Cantata but this doesn’t mean our work is finished! We’ve gone through and made the best 1.0 version of the game we can, but we’re obviously interested in expanding and updating the game to continue making it the best grand tactics game around!

To that end, we’ve setup Feature Voting in order to allow players to vote on what they would like to see in the game. Voting helps us better prioritize where we should spend our time, so if you care to see something in the game, vote!

Because game development is hard, we can’t make any promises on the timeline of features, and many things may be worked on at the same time. With each patch expect the normal slew of bugfixes and improvements, but with feature voting we want to help let the community prioritize what matters most to them!

To start, everyone gets two votes. When items are completed that you voted for, the vote returns to you and allows you to vote on another topic. Feel free to also comment on proposed features with your own thoughts about the feature and things you’d like us to consider when implementing it!

Happy voting!